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This is Boredom.

Getting on a personal level.
Created by shestoohonest and taken 99 times on Bzoink
Stage one: Emotions.
How often do you take actions you regret?: I do things that I later reflect on and feel silly about, but never regret.
Do you often feel guilty?: Only when I'm not doing my homework.
Do you have a short temper?: Sometimes, but I've definitely mellowed out since high school.
When was the last time you lashed out at someone?: Oh man, it was about a week ago.
And why was that?: I got fed up with the air condition situation. I yelled more at my mom than the people who deserved my wrath, though. Poor woman.
Does it always seem like the entire world is out to get you?: I do have these thoughts.
Have you ever had a serious mental break down?: The question should be "how many?"
What led up to this? (sadness, depression, fury, confusion, etc): All of the above?
Do you believe it is just natural for humans to feel lonely?: I haven't decided.
Do you ever feel lonely, even in the presence of those you know or love?: Yeah.
Do you believe that these are the "best years of your life"?: No.
Or do you follow the "the best is yet to come" philosophy?: I'll decide when I'm dead.
Does it sometimes feel like your life is being wasted or not going anywhere: Rarely. I'm usually optimistic about the future. The present, however..
Tell me about the last time you were truly, truly happy.: Probably that legendary Friday at the end of Fall '08.
Stage two: Relationships.
How long was your longest relationship?: Not sure.
How old were you when you had your first boyfriend or girlfriend?: 15
Do you (or have you ever) had feelings for the SAME sex?: Yeah.
Do you consider yourself gay or bisexual? How strongly do you feel about it: Bisexual. I don't feel strongly about it, but it is what it is.
Have you ever had your heartbroken?: Yeah.
Did you ever honestly believe you were going to marry your highschool bf/gf: I was convinced.
Is it harder to get dumped or do the dumping?: Getting dumped. In my experience, the dumper has had more time to come to terms with the break-up already.
Have you been able to stay good friends with any of your exes?: Yeah.
If so, is there any tension (sexual or not) between the two of you?: There ALWAYS will be.
Does it seem like "all the good ones are taken"?: Sometimes, but I know that's not true.
Would you ever date someone that your friend liked or HAD dated?: Yes, but there are timing and closeness factors that must be seriously considered.
When was the last time you were kissed?: Couple weeks ago.
Are you a virgin? Do you believe virginity is "sacred"?: No and no.
How many tmies have you been in love? Was it always real?: Twice and yes.
Stage three: Friendships.
Would you say that you have a lot of friends?: Not anymore. That's what happens when you grow up.
Have you ever been considered to be a "loner"?: Not until recently.
How often do you hang out with your friends?: Whenever I can.
Do you have a specific hang out or house that you go to?: Not now, but it used to be my place.
Have you ever done anything illegal to help a friend?: Yeah.
If not, would you be willing to? What would be your limit?: I don't know.
Who is your best friend? VERY best. Choose.: Mallory! Chantal, you are practically tied, but they said choose, so yeah.
Have any of your friends ever stabbed you in the back?: No person who has done so is part of my life anymore.
Did you forgive them? Are you still friends?: See above.
Are your friends the only people that "get you"?: I'll have to ask my non-friends about that.
Do you think your friends know you better than your own parents?: I think my mom knows me about the same as my friends.
Have you ever lost a close friend because they died?: Not a close friend, no.
Have you ever lost a friend because they gained a bf/gf and dropped you?: Yeah.
Are your friends your support system? =]: Together with my mom and therapist, yep.
Stage four: Family Life
Are both your parents alive?: Yes.
Were you raised by your biological parents?: Yes.
Has your family ever been broken?: Yes.
Do you think your parents respect your space?: Yes.
Are you close with you siblings, if you have any?: As close as I can be.
How often does your family fight or have big arguments?: Used to be every damn day, but now, rarely.
Does your family hold very high religious beliefs?: No way.
Are you the "black sheep" of your household?: We're all black sheep.
Have you ever in anger told your parent(s) that you hated them?: Sure.
How often are you diciplined or punished or grounded?: A lot in North Carolina, not often in Florida.
Do you feel like you are allowed to express yourself inside your own home?: Yeah.
Are your parents very controlling of the person "they want you to be"?: Nope.
Your family really does love each other, doesn't it?: Yes.
Are you planning to move away when you turn 18?: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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